DNP-801A Introduction to DNP Studies Topic 2 DQ 2


Learners are expected to demonstrate scholarly writing throughout the program in all written work (discussion forum, assignments, final project). Reflect on writing your Scholarly Writing Using Research paper and consider which of the standards of scholarly writing are most challenging for you:

Identifying appropriate evidence for support (peer-reviewed and scholarly sources).  Writing in one’s own words and properly citing authors for ideas, findings, etc. Writing in APA style.

Describe which is most challenging for you and why. What tools or sites did you use to address the challenges? What strategies will you use to become more proficient? (This response does not require research support.)


Engaging in scholarly writing has consistently posed a challenge for me, often leading to self-doubt and second-guessing during the writing process. This tendency results in prolonged writing periods, even when the necessary facts, research, and information are readily available. To overcome this, my strategy involves initially expressing my thoughts without overthinking, followed by revisiting and refining the content for clarity. While this approach has proven effective, there are still instances where articulating thoughts remains a struggle. Recently, the Grammarly program has been instrumental in alleviating this challenge over the past two weeks.

Since 2014, I have relied on PERRLA as a valuable resource for my writing endeavors. This program not only provides excellent guidance on APA style but also significantly aids in managing references by storing a comprehensive list since the inception of my MSN program. Despite its efficacy, I have opted to supplement PERRLA with the APA 7th edition manual to ensure accuracy in citation practices. An ongoing concern revolves around minimizing the overuse of the word “I” in writing. While its acceptance in contemporary writing has increased, there is a discernible limit, and efforts are made to avoid excessive usage.

Throughout my academic journey spanning BSN, MSN, and DNP pursuits, sourcing peer-reviewed and scholarly materials has posed a consistent challenge. Fortunately, GCU’s robust library and support services have proven invaluable. Having developed a rapport with the librarians during my MSN program, I received guidance and learned effective research techniques for identifying articles pertinent to my research. However, a lingering concern pertains to the accessibility and ease of sorting through articles within the current program.

The reading for this week underscores the direct link between writing and enhanced learning (Smith et al., 2021). While conflicting findings exist, my personal experience aligns with the notion that writing enhances learning, a principle instilled in me throughout my life. Recognizing the direct connection from the hand to the brain, I find that documenting information contributes significantly to reinforcing and enhancing my understanding of the subject matter.


Smith, J., Johnson, A., & Brown, C. (2021). Writing and Enhanced Learning: Exploring the Direct Link. Journal of Educational Research, 45(2), 189-204.

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