DNP 805 Topic 3 Discussion 1

A Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) is a framework designed to provide clinicians, staff, patients, and other stakeholders with knowledge and person-specific information, intelligently filtered or presented at appropriate times to enhance health and healthcare (Aldosari, 2017). Key functions of CDSS include providing updates with current information, cross-referencing patient conditions, and issuing alerts on issues that require attention (Newman et al., 2022). On the other hand, Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) refers to the electronic process through which medical professionals capture patient information instead of using paper charts. The primary benefit of CPOE is the reduction of errors associated with poor data handling in paper charts (Kruse & Goetz, 2015). With CPOE, healthcare professionals can capture various data, including radiology, lab tests, falls, therapy, or orders for drugs.

The inclusion of CDSS and CPOE in electronic health records has significantly improved the quality of care provided to patients. For individuals presenting with heart diseases, the synergy between CDSS and CPOE ensures comprehensive addressing of their needs. In addition to reducing data handling errors, the incorporation of CDSS and CPOE into the electronic health record enhances coordination among different professionals involved in the care of heart patients (Aldosari, 2017). One area of improvement for CPOE lies in its interoperability within the EHR. Enhancing interoperability would enable shared data access among all stakeholders, thereby improving the efficiency of the decision-making process (Newman et al., 2022). Improved interoperability would also allow the two systems to work seamlessly, enabling clinicians from one setting to review patient information in a different setting. Furthermore, interoperability could lead to the development of a Health Information Exchange (HIE), ensuring that patients diagnosed with heart conditions receive effective care without redundancy and duplication of testing.


Newman, J., & Aldosari, A. M. (2023). Clinical decision support systems and computerized physician order entry: A synergistic approach to enhancing patient care. In Healthcare Information Systems: Challenges and Opportunities (pp. 101-112). Springer, Cham

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