DNP-815A Preconference Evaluation: Individual Success Plan (ISP)

Individual Success Plan (ISP) Assignment Overview

The Individual Success Plan (ISP) assignment in this course is designed to help you collaborate with the course faculty to establish a plan for successfully completing specific deliverables related to your programmatic requirements. These requirements include completing practice immersion hours, addressing program competencies, and working on your Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) Project.

Preconference Meeting and Evaluation

A preconference meeting is scheduled for you and your preceptor/mentor to review learning objectives, roles, responsibilities, and expectations for the practice immersion experience. This meeting aims to align goals and projects, with faculty approval required. Additionally, a preceptor/mentor DNP-815A Preconference Evaluation will be conducted.

General Requirements

Follow these steps to ensure successful completion of the assignment:

  • Download Documents: Locate and download Individual Success Plan (ISP) and Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) timeline documents in the DNP PI Workspace.
  • Review Milestones: Examine the DNP Program Milestones document to identify applicable domains, competencies, and milestones for this course.
  • Plan Practice Immersion: Determine the practice immersion experiences you plan to pursue to address each competency. Specify the hours allocated to meet your goals.
  • Apply Core Course Concepts: Use concepts from core courses to reflect, critically examine, and improve your current practice. Integrate scholarly readings for case reports demonstrating proficient practice.
  • Develop ISP: Utilize the ISP to create a personal plan for completing practice immersion hours and meeting competencies. Include major milestones and deliverables in the timeline.
  • Identify Deliverables: Within the ISP, specify deliverables such as DNP practice immersion contracts, practice hours log, evaluations, CV updates, scholarly activities, self-assessment, reflective journal, and faculty/preceptor approvals.
  • Conferences: Schedule and complete preconference and postconference/evaluation sessions with preceptors/mentors. Upload the signed document by the end of Topic 1.
  • Objectives Discussion: Discuss overall course and learner-specific objectives during each conference.
  • APA Style: Ensure that all writing assignments follow APA style guidelines.

Assignment Submission:

Submit the DNP-815A Preconference Evaluation: Individual Success Plan (ISP) assignment to the learning management system. Additionally, upload this deliverable to the Learner Dissertation Page (LDP) in the DNP PI Workspace for future reference.

Assignment Instructions:

  • Identify Deliverables: Collaborate with faculty to identify specific deliverables for this course and update them as needed.
  • List Challenges: Identify challenges anticipated during practice immersion and competency requirements. Suggest strategies to overcome these challenges.
  • Complete Contact Information: Fill out the Contact Information table and sign the document with the date of completion.
  • Read ISP Document: Familiarize yourself with ISP document sections, including Learner Expectations, Derivation of the ISP, and Instructions for Completing the ISP.
  • Follow Instructions: Complete the ISP as per the provided instructions.

Note: The assignment uses a rubric; review it before starting to understand the expectations for successful completion. No submission to LopesWrite is required.

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