DNP Letter of Intent Example

DNP Letter of Intent Example

Dear Applicant,

We’re grateful for your interest in Grand Canyon University. Our online graduate nursing programs, ranked 8th nationally, are renowned in the healthcare sector for empowering practicing nurses to advance their education. Thank you for considering us.

In order to uphold the utmost standards of excellence in our Doctor of Nursing Practice program, we carefully restrict the number of applicants admitted for each start date.

As part of the selection process, we evaluate writing samples submitted by prospective students. These samples are meticulously reviewed by our DNP Selection Committee.

Once you’ve finished the writing assignment outlined below, kindly send your Letter of Intent to your enrollment counselor.
Compose a brief essay addressing the following four questions:

  1. What drives your aspiration to attain a doctoral degree?
  2. How do you anticipate your actions will change upon completing your degree?
  3. What topic do you propose for your Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) project?
  4. Where do you intend to fulfill the majority of your practice hours?

The title of this essay will be: Letter of Intent
This paper should be at approximately 500 words in length.
This paper must be written in APA format using Microsoft Word and must include both a cover and reference page.
Include one reference citation from any source. 

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