DNP Projects

Think about the DNP projects that Dr. Beechinor and Dr. Stefan talked about in this week’s presentation, along with the DNP Scholarly Project details in the AACN Essentials. Now, connect your professional experiences with what you’ve learned in this course. Look for a need or change in your work environment. Remember, the goal here is to raise your awareness of potential DNP projects; you’re not deciding on a project idea just yet.

To complete: (Professional Organization I belong to is: AANP –American Association of Nurse Practitioners)

Write a 2-page paper discussing a need or change in your work environment that’s suitable for research. Explain why this situation or topic deserves attention. Also, share your plans for joining a professional nursing organization and how it aligns with your career goals. Consider how this organization might connect with or support your future DNP Scholarly Project. Add proof of your membership as an appendix at the end, following APA style for including appendices.


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Chapter 10, “A Template for the DNP Scholarly Project”

nine steps that should be incorporated into the structure of a DNP Scholarly Project.

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