DNPC 611 Methods of Translational Science/ Evidence Based Clinical Practice

DNPC 611 Methods of Translational Science/ Evidence Based Clinical Practice

This is the first course in the APRN program. We’ll learn about how to use science to improve our nursing practice. We’ll look at different research methods and how they help us understand and treat patients better. We’ll also talk about how to take what we learn from research and use it in real-life nursing situations. Just to let you know, you’ll need at least a B- to pass this course.

Here’s a breakdown of the course’s focus areas:

  • Translational Science Methods: Students will explore various research methodologies used in healthcare, along with the underlying philosophical assumptions of each method. This equips them to critically analyze research findings.
  • Evaluating Research for Practice: The course emphasizes developing skills to critically appraise research articles and assess their applicability to clinical settings.
  • Translational Models: Students will delve into different frameworks for translating research findings into actionable practices for nurses. This includes exploring interdisciplinary models that consider various perspectives in healthcare.
  • Impact of Research: The course examines how findings from translational science can influence nursing practice at various levels, from individual patients to entire healthcare systems. This fosters a broader understanding of the impact nurses can have.

By the end of DNPC 611, students will be well-equipped to:

  • Critically analyze and synthesize research findings.
  • Apply evidence-based practices to improve patient care.
  • Understand the role of nurses in translating research into tangible benefits for patients and healthcare systems.

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