DNPC 630 DNP Scholarly Practice

DNPC 630 DNP Scholarly Practice

DNPC 630 DNP Scholarly Practice is a course in Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs that focuses on developing skills for scholarly practice in nursing.

This program prepares you to:

  1. Provide thorough, proven care to individuals or groups by using advanced nursing skills. You’ll learn to plan, deliver, and check how effective the care is.
  2. Take the lead in encouraging the use of proven practices in your area of advanced nursing.
  3. Be an expert in your field, ready to help solve tough clinical problems as a specialist or advisor.

Your advisor will sign you up for 1-6 units each semester, depending on the specialty track you’re in. For example, Post-MSN DNP requires 10 total units, BSN/DNP FNP & PMHNP need 11 total units, and BSN/DNP FNP/AGNP & FNP/PNP need 8 total units. Remember, you need at least a B- grade to pass each course.

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