NURS 8000 – Foundations and Essentials of Doctoral Study in Nursing Discussion Essay Assignments

Introduction to Walden University and Professional Development

CourseNURS 8000 – Foundations and Essentials of Doctoral Study in Nursing
OverviewIntroduction to Walden University and foundational aspects for professional development in doctoral nursing practice.
Focus AreasProfessional standards, end-of-program expectations, practical application of professional writing, critical-thinking skills, and successful participation in online curriculum.
Key TopicsWalden doctoral student essentials, similarities and differences between DNP and Ph.D. in nursing, professional and specialty standards, intra- and interprofessional collaboration, and DNP project process.

The Measured Success Writing Assessment

RequirementCompletion during the first course (NURS 8000)
Assessment TypeComputer-based essay evaluation
ObjectiveDetermine “writing readiness” at the doctoral level
EvaluationAutomated assessment providing holistic score (1-6) and scores for analytical writing categories (focus/meaning, content development, organization, language/style, and mechanics/conventions)
OutcomeStudents not demonstrating writing readiness are encouraged to enroll in WCSS 6000N – Graduate Writing: Evaluative and Persuasive Composition Skills, offered at no cost.

Discussion Essay Assignments

Weekly FocusNURS 8000 Foundations & Essentials of Doctoral Study in Nursing
Key Tips for Discussion PostsReview guidelines for clear, knowledgeable, and APA-formatted posts. Ensure citations from weekly learning resources and express a stance on the topic.
Writing ProcessFollow steps from reviewing prompts, reading course materials, creating an outline, drafting in MS Word with APA style, scholarly tone, introduction, and conclusion. Review and revise for grammar, citations, and submit ensuring proper formatting.

Welcome & Course Readings

Resource AccessmyWalden portal login
Library ReadingsProvided links for required readings in Walden databases only
Additional SupportContact the Library for link-related issues; APA questions directed to the Writing Center

Required Course Readings (Examples)

1Campbell-Crofts, S., Field, J., & Fetherstonhaugh, D.Ethical considerations for nurses undertaking research with a potentially vulnerable population with chronic kidney disease.Renal Society of Australasia Journal9(2), 74-79
2Cleary, M., Hunt, G. E., & Jackson, D.Demystifying PhDs: A review of doctorate programs designed to fulfill the needs of the next generation of nursing professionals.Contemporary Nurse: A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession39(2), 273-280
3Conn, V. S.Prepare to launch: Optimizing doctoral education to ensure career success.Western Journal of Nursing Research36(1), 3-5, doi:10.1177/0193945913492652

Note: Detailed information about discussion post requirements and rubrics is available in the Course Information area of the course.

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