DNP-815A Scientific Underpinnings GCU


  • Understand how nursing theories are used in real-life practice.
  • Learn about the history of nursing theories.

Explore personal beliefs and perspectives in nursing.

Discussion Question 1:

  • Describe the process of building nursing theories. Highlight a historical change or event that greatly influenced nursing theory development. Discuss the lasting impact on nursing, contributions made, and how it connects to the preparation of Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) professionals today. Support your points with examples and relevant literature.

DNP-815A Scientific Underpinnings GCU Topic 1 DQ 2

Choose a nursing theory for your DNP Project. Explain what the nursing theory is and how it helps the nursing profession. Discuss its role and contribution. Also, clarify how this nursing theory will guide your DNP Project.

DNP-815A Scientific Underpinnings GCU Preconference Evaluation: Individual Success Plan (ISP)

The Individual Success Plan (ISP) assignment in this course means working together with your course instructor from the beginning. You’ll create a plan to successfully finish specific things needed for your program. These things include (1) completing required practice hours, (2) doing work related to program skills, and (3) working on your Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) Project.

Before starting, there’s a meeting where you and your mentor will talk about the goals and expectations for your learning experience. You’ll get information about your faculty and mentor from the school, and if your mentor needs any info about the course or program, you’ll provide it. In this meeting, you and your mentor will discuss the goals for the course and the hands-on experience, including any projects. Your plans for projects need approval from your instructor during this meeting. The instructor will also send an email introducing themselves to your mentor.

General Requirements:

Follow these steps to successfully complete your assignment for this course:

  • Get the Individual Success Plan (ISP) and Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) timeline documents from the DNP PI Workspace.
  • Check the DNP Program Milestones document in the same workspace. Identify which domains, competencies, and milestones are relevant to this course. Remember, not all courses have milestones.
  • Decide on the practice immersion experiences you want for each competency. Include how many hours you plan to dedicate to each goal. You’ll use concepts from your core courses to think about, analyze, and improve your current practice. Make sure to bring in scholarly readings to create case reports showing more advanced practice.
  • Use the ISP to make a personal plan for completing your practice immersion hours and meeting competencies. Put all the big milestones and things to deliver on the timeline.
  • In the ISP, pinpoint specific things you need to submit. These could include individualized DNP practice immersion contracts, a comprehensive log of hours, evaluations from you and your mentor, an updated CV, scholarly activities, a self-assessment for GCU DNP competencies, a reflective journal, your course goals, and a plan for how you’ll meet competencies and practice hours. Also, include approvals from your faculty and mentor for your goals and documented hours, and milestones for your DPI Project.
  • Remember, preconference and postconference/evaluation meetings between you and your mentor are a must. These are mandatory for all DNP courses from DNP-805 onward. You can have these meetings face-to-face or through technology. Upload the signed document by the end of Topic 1.
  • Keep in mind the overall course and personal objectives. Discuss these during each conference, as it’s your responsibility to finish all the experiences needed for the program.
  • Use APA style for your writing assignments. Find the APA Style Guide in the Student Success Center.
  • Look at the rubric before you start to understand what’s expected for a successful completion.
  • You don’t need to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Instead, use the assignment dropbox in the learning management system. Also, upload it to the Learner Dissertation Page (LDP) in the DNP PI Workspace for future reference.


Follow these steps as you work through this course:

  • Figure out the specific things you need to complete for this course. Make sure to talk with your faculty to understand what’s required. If you make any changes or updates to your Individual Success Plan (ISP), let your faculty or chairperson know.
  • Make a list of the problems you think you might face while doing your practice hours and meeting the competency requirements for this course. Think about how you can solve or overcome these challenges.
  • Go to the ISP resource and fill out the Contact Information table at the beginning. Also, sign and date it. Take a look at the whole document, paying attention to Learner Expectations, where the ISP comes from, and the instructions for completing it.
  • Now, follow the instructions and finish the ISP.

 DNP-815A Scientific Underpinnings GCU Reflective Analysis Case Report Component Paper

For this task, you need to write a reflective analysis that includes your personal nursing philosophy. Follow these simple guidelines to complete the assignment successfully:

  • Writing Style:
    • Use the current APA style for your essay.
    • Find the APA Style Guide in the Student Success Center.
    • Review the rubric before you start to understand what’s expected.
  • References:
    • Include at least three peer-reviewed references published in the last 5 years.
  • LopesWrite Submission:
    • Submit the assignment to LopesWrite. If you need help, check the technical support articles in Class Resources.
  • Reflective Analysis (1,000-1,250 words):
    • Write about your personal philosophy of nursing.
    • Include the following elements:
      • Your central belief about the individual person.
      • How your personal worldview influences your approach to patients.
      • What constitutes the environment.
      • How the individual and the environment interact.
      • Your view of health.
      • How illness relates to health.
      • How nursing leaders can serve others to promote human flourishing.
      • The central reason for the existence of nursing.
  • Portfolio Practice Immersion Hours:
    • If applicable, you can earn practice immersion hours for this assignment.
    • After the References section, include:
      • Practice Immersion Hours Completion Statement for DNP-815A.
      • State the number of clock hours completed.
      • Confirm that you have logged these hours in the Lopes Activity Tracker.
      • Mention that all necessary approvals from faculty and preceptor/mentor will be obtained before the course ends.

Follow these steps, and you’ll successfully complete the Reflective Analysis Case Report Component Paper assignment.

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