Nursing Practicum Objectives Examples

Assignment 1: Practicum Objectives

Practicum objectives and goals are related but have distinct meanings. While practicum goals are broad statements indicating the expected outcomes of a course, practicum objectives are specific statements drawn from those goals. Objectives guide learners in each practicum encounter, connecting their intentions with the actual experience and planned assessments (Yusuff, 2018). In essence, goals provide an overarching vision, summarizing the subject area, while objectives serve as guiding statements for practical experiences.

In this paper, the author outlines the goals for her practicum experience and explains the main activities linked to each goal. The author figured out what topics the nurse faculty expects DNP learners to understand by the end of the course, and used this as the best way to set practicum goals. For DNP level, practicum goals explain what a DNP learner should be able to do after finishing the practicum (Chatterjee & Corral, 2017). A good practicum goal clearly points out the skills, knowledge, and attitude a learner will gain and answers questions like how well, who, what, when, and will do, using the SMART method.

Practicum Objectives

After finishing the challenging airway workshop, participants should be able to create a useful plan for handling an overweight adult patient with difficulty using a face mask for ventilation. This plan should align with the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ difficult airway algorithm.


  • Gain Home Health Knowledge:
    • Learn about homecare nursing policies through research, enhancing both theoretical and practical understanding during the practicum.
  • Understand Community Services:
    • Acquire knowledge about community services that promote independence, enhance outcomes, and reduce readmissions for patients receiving home-based care.
  • Develop Home Healthcare Skills:
    • Develop skills for collaborating in interdisciplinary teams within the Home Healthcare Setting. Learn to conduct thorough assessments and consultations with patients and families to support them in achieving their healthcare goals.
  • Network with Nurse Practitioners:
    • Connect with other family nurse practitioners in the home health setting to enhance knowledge and improve outcomes in managing patients with multiple health conditions during home-based care.

Key Activities Associated with Practicum Objectives

Objective 1: Obtain Home Health Knowledge and Experience

  • Research homecare nursing policies to gain practical experience during the practicum.
  • Participate in development meetings, training sessions, and learning opportunities focused on homecare nursing.
  • Understand the history of homecare nursing and how Medicaid/Medicare has implemented new strategies for improved care and efficiency.

Objective 2: Understand Community Services for Homebased Care

  • Explore and connect with community-based services supporting homecare nursing and homebased care.
  • Refer or link patients and families to community-based resources that enhance homebased care.

Objective 3: Develop Interdisciplinary Skills in Home Healthcare

  • Integrate new knowledge into every patient or family encounter.
  • Enhance communication skills through active listening and situational awareness when working with patients, families, and healthcare providers.
  • Conduct consultations with families and patients to help them achieve their goals.

Objective 4: Network with Family Nurse Practitioners in Home Health

  • Attend one conference each month to network with other Family Nurse Practitioners specializing in home healthcare.
  • Advance knowledge and improve outcomes in managing patients with multiple health conditions receiving homebased care.


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