NSG6999 Graduate Project in Nursing Discussion Assignments

NSG6999 Graduate Project in Nursing Discussion Assignments

Week 1 – Assignment 2 Discussion

Steps to EBP ProcessDiscussion Tasks
1. Cultivate a Spirit of InquiryIdentify a problem in your specialty area for improvement. Use the DNP site for project examples.
Discuss the issue’s relevance to your advanced role option.
Explain what sparked your interest in this problem and its connection to your specialization.
Provide a rationale for why your project will be evidence-based, focusing on improving outcomes.

Note: The project won’t be implemented or involve data collection in this course. The goal is to complete a project proposal only.

NSG6999 Graduate Project in Nursing – Week 2 – Assignment 1 Discussion

Steps to EBP ProcessDiscussion Tasks
1. Cultivate a Spirit of InquiryBriefly describe your project topic for the proposal to give an overview to classmates and faculty.
Explain how the issue relates to your specialization.
State your PICOT question with each part clarified (P, I, C, O, T).
Discuss the process model you resonate with and will use for project focus (choose from provided models).
Feedback to ClassmatesEvaluate correct PICOT format in their questions for effective literature search guidance.
Assess if the question aligns with clinical research or is suitable for an evidence-based practice project.

Note: Ensure your PICOT question is clearly segmented with each part specified in parentheses.

NSG6999 Graduate Project in Nursing Discussion Assignments – Week 3 – Assignment 1 Discussion

Discussion: Sharing Search Strategies

Discussion TasksDetails
PICOT QuestionState your PICOT question. Discuss if the terms used in this question led you to useful research studies.
MESH TermsShare the MESH terms you’ve tried. Discuss whether they helped find additional studies and if they expanded or limited your search.
Relevance of ArticlesReflect on the relevance of articles found. If not finding relevant articles, explain search modifications made to increase productivity.
Used DatabasesIndicate the databases used, highlighting those found useful and those that were not helpful.
Levels of EvidenceDiscuss the levels of evidence represented in the studies you found.
Feedback and RecommendationsPost any questions or concerns. Provide feedback and recommendations to classmates for collaborative learning.
Search TrackerUtilize the Search Tracker to keep a record of search terms and strategies employed.
Rapid Clinical Appraisal (RCA) ToolsUse appropriate RCA Tools to appraise one or two articles. Add the information to your Evaluation Table (a work in progress, to be completed in Week 4).
Note: Ensure your Evaluation Table is a work in progress at this stage and will be completed in Week 4.

NSG6999 Graduate Project in Nursing Discussion Assignments – Week 4 – Assignment 1 Discussion

Discussion: Rapid Critical Appraisal Experience

Discussion PointsDetails
Rapid Critical Appraisal (RCA)Share your experience with the RCA process. Discuss if it felt genuinely “rapid” or if it was more time-consuming.
Abstract ImpactEvaluate the role of abstracts in making quick decisions about including or excluding the study. Discuss their effectiveness.
Approach to AppraisalShare the approach you used for the appraisal and completing the Evaluation Table. Discuss what worked well and what didn’t in your process.
Questions or ConcernsPost any questions or concerns you have regarding the RCA process. Encourage classmates to share their insights and challenges.
Feedback and RecommendationsProvide feedback and recommendations to your peers. Collaborate on refining the RCA process for better efficiency and understanding.
Note: Encourage a collaborative learning environment by sharing experiences and insights.

NSG6999 Graduate Project in Nursing Discussion Assignments – Week 5 – Assignment 1 Discussion

Discussion: Synthesizing Evidence and Article Summarization

Discussion PointsDetails
Synthesis ApproachShare your method for synthesizing evidence. Identify the variables of interest that guided your synthesis process.
Summarizing ArticlesPractice summarizing two articles from the Synthesis Table relevant to your proposal. Include level of evidence, study design, and evidence of rigor. Use APA format for citation.
Incorporating FeedbackDiscuss how you plan to incorporate feedback from peers and faculty received on summarization into your assignment for this week.
Considering Patient Preference and Clinical ExpertiseBeyond research studies, acknowledge the importance of patient preference and clinical expertise. Describe how you will integrate these perspectives into your project proposal.
Note: Foster a collaborative environment by encouraging feedback exchange and open discussion.

NSG6999 Graduate Project in Nursing Discussion Assignments – Week 6 – Assignment 1 Discussion

Discussion: Project Overview and Clinical Questions

Discussion PointsDetails
Clinical Issue/ProblemProvide a brief overview of the clinical issue or problem for your project. Specify the setting and population of interest for clarity.
Clinical QuestionArticulate your clinical question succinctly. Ensure it is clear and focused.
Intervention DescriptionDescribe the intervention you intend to test in your project. Be concise and outline its key components.
Study Type and RationaleSpecify the type of study you plan to conduct (experimental, quasi-experimental) and provide a rationale for your choice. Justify how it aligns with your research goals.
Feedback on Colleagues’ QuestionsOffer constructive feedback on the clinical questions presented by your colleagues. Be supportive and provide insights for improvement if necessary.
Note: Foster an open and collaborative atmosphere, encouraging the exchange of thoughts and suggestions.

NSG6999 Graduate Project in Nursing Discussion Assignments – Week 7 – Assignment 1 Discussion

Discussion: Measurement Tools for Intervention Evaluation

In this discussion, we will delve into the measurement tools essential for evaluating the outcomes of your intervention. Consider the following points:

Project Overview:

Provide a brief but comprehensive overview of your project, commencing with your clinical question and outlining your intended intervention to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Evaluation Tools:

Specify whether you plan to develop your evaluation tools or if there are pre-existing, valid, and reliable tools available. Elaborate on the reasoning behind your choice.

Development of Tools:

If opting to create your tools, share your thoughts on pilot testing. Explain your approach to enhance the reliability and validity of the tools.

Baseline Data and Change Measurement:

Detail your strategy for collecting baseline data and whether you will use pre- and posttests. Articulate how you plan to measure the change resulting from the intervention.

Participant Identification:

Discuss your method for identifying participants for the study. Elaborate on the chosen sampling method and its implications for the type of study you will be conducting.

Confidentiality Assurance:

Outline your plan for ensuring the confidentiality of study participants throughout the research process.

Encourage collaboration by inviting feedback and insights from your colleagues and faculty members.

NSG6999 Graduate Project in Nursing Discussion Assignments – Week 8 – Assignment 1 Discussion

Discussion: Analysis Phase of the Project

In this week’s discussion, we’ll delve into the critical analysis phase of your project. Ensure you cover the following points:

Project Overview:

Commence your discussion with a concise overview of your project, outlining your clinical question, planned intervention, the study type, and your chosen method for evaluating outcomes.

Statistical Analysis:

Specify the type of statistical analysis you intend to employ in your project. Consider whether descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, or a combination of both is appropriate for your study.

Project Timeline:

Discuss a reasonable timeline for the various phases of your project. Provide insights into how you plan to manage time effectively to ensure the project’s success.

Project Expenses:

Identify the expenses associated with your project. Include both evident costs like materials and concealed expenses such as the time invested, which is part of your salary. Lay out a comprehensive overview of your budget.

Funding Consideration:

Deliberate on whether your project requires external funding. If yes, outline potential funding sources and your strategy for securing the necessary resources.

Encourage collaboration by welcoming feedback and thoughts from your peers.

NSG6999 Graduate Project in Nursing Discussion Assignments – Week 9 – Assignment 1 Discussion

Strategic Planning for Project Implementation Discussion

While your project won’t be implemented during this course, it’s crucial to grasp the essential steps for future implementation. In formulating your strategic plan for change project implementation, address the following aspects related to your proposed project:


  • Identify the stakeholders involved in your project. Specify their roles or job positions within the organization without using individual names. Explore the possibility of identifying potential “champions” within your organization who can advocate for the project.
Stakeholder RoleResponsibilities
[Role/Position 1][Responsibilities and involvement in the project]
[Role/Position 2][Responsibilities and involvement in the project]

Potential Barriers and Strategies:

  • Anticipate potential barriers to the implementation of your project and devise strategies to overcome or prevent them. Consider challenges related to resources, resistance to change, or any other factors that might impede progress.
Potential BarrierStrategies to Prevent/Overcome
Lack of Resources[Strategies to address resource constraints]
Resistance to Change[Approaches to mitigate resistance]

Change Theory:

  • Clearly outline the change theory you will employ to guide your project. Explain how this theory aligns with the goals of your project and contributes to successful implementation.

Your contributions to this discussion will not only enhance your strategic planning skills but also provide valuable insights for your peers.

NSG6999 Graduate Project in Nursing Discussion Assignments – Week 10 – Assignment 1 Discussion

Reflection on Learning Outcomes

In this discussion, let’s reflect on how we’ve met the learning outcomes for this course. If you feel you’ve successfully achieved these objectives, share your insights. If not, discuss your plans to accomplish them in the future.

  • Demonstrate Synthesis of Knowledge and Skills:
    Reflect on how you’ve synthesized the knowledge and skills acquired in the preceding graduate nursing core and specialty curriculum content. Consider the practical application of these learnings in your discussions, assignments, or interactions during the course.
Learning OutcomeReflection on Achievement
Outcome 1[Your reflection on synthesizing knowledge and skills]

  • Evaluate Current Health Policy and Legal/Ethical Considerations:
    Discuss how you’ve evaluated current health policy and considered legal and ethical aspects in addressing health promotion and disease prevention for a target population. Provide specific examples or instances where you applied this knowledge.
Learning OutcomeReflection on Achievement
Outcome 2[Your reflection on evaluating health policy and ethics]

  • Integrate Synthesis into Scholarly Project Creation:
    Share insights into how you’ve integrated the synthesis of knowledge into the creation of a scholarly project. Specify whether your project was an evidence-based practice proposal or a research proposal, and highlight how it contributes to nursing knowledge.
Learning OutcomeReflection on Achievement
Outcome 3[Your reflection on integrating synthesis into a project]

  • Disseminate Project Components through Written and Oral Presentation:
    Discuss your experience in disseminating significant components of your project through a written paper and oral presentation. Reflect on challenges faced, improvements made, and lessons learned in the process.
Learning OutcomeReflection on Achievement
Outcome 4[Your reflection on disseminating project components]

This discussion aims to foster self-awareness of your learning journey and provide constructive insights for future improvement.

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