N502 Nursing Assignment 1 – leadership styles, professional goals, role concept, and prospective action plan Essay

N502 Nursing Assignment 1 – leadership styles, professional goals, role concept, and prospective action plan Essay

N502 Assignment 1 – Reflection on Leadership Styles, Professional Goals, Role Concept, and Prospective Action Plan


I have been a registered nurse since 1997 and a nurse anesthetist since 2001. Throughout my career, my passion for nursing has grown, leading me to aspire to become an advanced nurse practitioner. My goal is to serve the community, especially in underserved rural areas, using telemedicine. Additionally, I aim to be a respected and compassionate nurse anesthetist practitioner, inspiring and mentoring junior colleagues. I am dedicated to helping patients with anxiety or those facing language or education barriers to understand recommended procedures.

Professional Background:

  • 1997: Started as a registered nurse after completing a nursing diploma.
  • 1999: Earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).
  • 2001: Obtained an MS with a concentration in nurse anesthesia.
  • 2009: Achieved a nurse legal consulting certificate.
  • Engages in continuous professional development and education.

Nursing Experience:

  • 1997: Telemetry unit nurse, transitioned to critical care/surgical ICU.
    • Responsibilities included patient assessment, treatment administration, providing support during recovery, updating physicians, responding to emergencies, and care planning.
  • 2001 to Present: Nurse anesthetist in various settings.
    • Collaborated with healthcare professionals to ensure safe anesthesia administration, pain management, stabilization services, and patient recovery.

Career Evolution and Future Goals:

  • Decision to pursue advanced nurse practitioner (NP) role focused on the adult population.
  • NP role involves assessing, diagnosing, and treating adult patients within specialized healthcare.
  • Plan to enroll in an Advanced Pain Management Certificate Program for enhanced pain management skills.

Table: Professional Milestones

1997Started as a registered nurse
1999Earned BSN
2001Obtained MS in Nurse Anesthesia
2009Achieved Nurse Legal Consulting Certificate
2022Transitioned to Advanced Pain Management Certificate Program


By furthering my education and skills, I aim to reach my full potential and contribute significantly to the nursing profession. My journey encompasses various nursing roles, each contributing to my growth and commitment to delivering high-quality patient care.

Personal and Professional Goals

Personal Goals:

  • Advance education for anesthetic nurse practitioner degree.
  • Become a transformational nurse leader, inspiring and motivating staff through innovation.
  • Pursue a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) to implement evidence-based care and engage in extensive research.

Professional Goals:

  • Seek full-time employment as an advanced nurse practitioner in anesthetist.
  • Become an educator or preceptor for nurse practitioner students, fostering a nurturing environment.
  • Increase overall nursing understanding and conduct community-focused research to improve health.

Empirical Application of Role Concept:

  • Role Stress: Manage education demands, work duties, and personal obligations through online learning, scheduling, and balancing activities.
  • Role Stressors: Address financial obligations through scholarship applications from nursing associations, governments, and institutions.
  • Role Transition: Leverage experience as a nurse anesthetist for a smoother transition; seek structured orientation and mentorship.


My passion is to obtain an NP degree, focusing on anesthetist nursing for the adult population. Personal goals include advancing education, becoming a transformational leader, and pursuing a DNP. Professionally, I aim to work as an advanced nurse practitioner, mentor others, and conduct research for improved care. Anticipating role-related challenges during my NP transition, I am committed to effective management and seeking support.


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