NURS 6512 – Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning

NURS 6512 – Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning

Taking care of the health of patients and families involves understanding both their physical and emotional well-being, which can be complicated. Advanced practice nurses must learn how to do thorough and safe physical health assessments to provide the best care. This course helps them develop the knowledge and skills needed for these assessments.

In this course, students concentrate on understanding how to assess patients of all ages. They learn skills like diagnostic reasoning, advanced communication, and physical assessment to spot changes in health. The course teaches a step-by-step method for assessing patients with short-term and long-term health issues. Students also get to learn advanced skills such as stitching, reading 12 Lead EKGs, and understanding X-rays. The assignments in the course highlight risk assessment, diagnostic reasoning, and evidence-based assessment for patients at different life stages.

It’s worth noting that students can take this course without being part of a specific degree program. They have the option to treat it as a standalone course, even if they’re not pursuing a degree.

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